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Dr Okowa’s life has been one dedicated to Public Service. His experience in the executive and legislative arms of government coupled with his credentials as a tested and proven politician and public administrator certainly put him in a vantage position to govern Delta State.

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PROFESSOR EMMANUEL APOYI OGUJOR has an amiable even-tempered personality and what can be considered a strong character but he brooks no insolence. He graduated from the University of Benin in 1997 with a first-class degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering. He obtained a Master's degree in the same field in 2000 and a Doctorate degree in 2006 with specialization in Power and Machines all from the same university. He is a member of the Nigeria Institute for Biomedical Engineering (MNIBE: AO9)-2001; member, Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE: 12,540)-2002; member, Nigerian Institute of Management-2004; member, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN: R10, 490)-2004, member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), USA.90507492-2008.

Professor Emmanuel Ogujor has several national/international publications to his credit and became a professor on 1st October, 2013. He has served as member and Chairman of various committees and as Head of Department of the Electrical/Electronic Department of University of Benin until his recent appointment as Rector of Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe-Oghara.

One of the first achievements recorded by Professor Emmanuel Ogujor as Rector of the Polytechnic is to identify areas of waste and plug them in order to shore up money to tackle other more sensitive areas of need at the Polytechnic. He has done this successfully in the area of wanton consumption of diesel at the polytechnic.

Secondly, he has set up various committees to brainstorm, explore and come out with findings on grey areas impeding the development of the polytechnic administration.

Thirdly, he has empowered the consultancy unit of the polytechnic to come out with a blueprint of likely and possible businesses that the polytechnic can invest in as a way of getting an alternative source of income for the institution instead of relying heavily on the much-touted part time programme and the very lean State Government subvention.

He has succeeded in dousing the apprehension of both staff and students by creating a convivial atmosphere that is capable of igniting academic pursuit and excellence. For example, staff members are now being deployed based on merit and not on whom you know or closeness to the corridors of power

He rewards excellence and hard work through proper motivation of staff members via his pet phrase called workshop.

Stakeholders and observers generally agree that it is too early to give a proper assessment of Professor Emmanuel Ogujors' leadership. However, indications are rife that his tenure as Rector of the fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria will usher in an era of great enlightenment and magnificent development so that those who sat in darkness shall see a marvelous light.